Equipment Facilities List:

We’ve got the equipment to handle your job.

No Job Too Big or Too Small!

We stock a wide array of materials.

Hot and Cold rolled steel, Galvanized and Stainless steel.

Aluminum too!

This helps the work process efficiently

and helps for a faster delivery time to our customers.

Looking for just a single process?

We will process your material. Punch only, Saw only, Weld or assemble your product.

We have the tools, the talent and the right people for the job.

Laser Cutting Equipment

Amada Pulsar 1212 laser 1/4” Capacity
50x 120”

Amada Laser Cutter

Amada Laser Cutter

     Shearing Equipment

Wysong Shear 1/4” x 12’ w/nc bg
Amada Shear 11 ga. X 8’ w/nc bg

Punching Equipment

Strippit FC1000 XP CNC Turret Punch
Strippit FC1000III CNC Turret Punch
OBI Presses to 60 tons / large inventory of unitized tooling
GEKA 90-ton Iron Worker

Strippet Turret Punch Press

Strippet Turret Punch Press

Forming Equipment

Hurco PRDC 150 ton x 10’ w/6 axis bg
2 Adira QHA 80-25 x 8’ 90 ton Press Brakes w/nc bg
Chicago 150 ton x 12’ w/nc bg
Chicago 25 ton x 6’
Roundo 14 ga x 4’ Sheet roll
Amada 2512 x 4’ 30 ton Press Brake w/nc bg
Ercolina SB48 Pipe & Tube Bender

Hurco 150 Ton Press

Hurco 150 Ton 5 axis Press

Welding Equipment
14 MillerMatic 300 Amp Mig Welders
3 Miller Syncrowave Tig Welders
Amada 40ST SpotWelder, 150KVA

MillerMatic Mig Welder

MillerMatic 300 Amp Mig Welder


V. M. Choppy and Sons LLC
4 Van Buren Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 266-1444

Made In The USA

Made In The USA